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Product Review – My Thrive 8-Week Challenge Experience

What is Thrive?  Thrive is a product line developed by a company called Le-Vel.  It isn’t marketed as a weight loss program but rather a lifestyle plan.  On its website (as well as through its associates/sales persons/promoters…not really sure what to call those that tout the benefits of Thrive), people are encouraged to take the Thrive 8 week challenge.   The following is from their website (

What is the THRIVE Experience?

THRIVE Experience Video – What is the THRIVE Experience?

The THRIVE Experience is an 8 week premium lifestyle plan, to help individuals experience and reach peak physical and mental levels. You’re going to live, look, and feel Ultra Premium like never before!  Results from the THRIVE Experience are high impact, and can slightly differ for everyone – depending on which areas of your lifestyle need the most help – and depending on your 8 week goal. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get in the best shape of your life, or simply be the best you can be, we know the THRIVE 8 Week Experience will get you THRIVIN’ in all areas of your life! Individuals on the Experience will enjoy premium support and benefits in the areas of:

  • > Weight Management> Cognitive Performance
  • > Digestive & Immune Support> Joint Support
  • > Lean Muscle Support> Aches & Discomfort Relief
  • > Anti-Aging & Antioxidant Support

THRIVE by Le-Vel is something that’s hard to explain, and challenging to describe… it’s something that can only be experienced.

The 8 week challenge will involve my receiving two 30 day supply packages of the following Thrive products:

  • Thrive W – Premium Lifestyle Capsules (60 each)
    • THRIVE W is a premium formula and a premium approach to your daily lifestyle. From years of experience, science, and perfecting, THRIVE W is the only premium lifestyle capsule of its kind. THRIVE W is about reaching for more and achieving more with your daily routine. Formulated for every woman who’s thriving for the ultimate daily lifestyle. Our all natural, premium naturopathic formula of Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts, Anti-Oxidants, Enzymes, Pro-Biotics, and Amino Acids is the first and only Ultra Premium Formula ever developed. Live more, be more, experience more, THRIVE for more with THRIVE W
  • Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix (16 packets)
    • THRIVE Mix is the finishing touch to the only Ultra Premium Product Line available — THRIVE. This ultra micronized mix was perfectly designed to complement our THRIVE Lifestyle Capsules. Our blend of Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts, Anti-Oxidants, Enzymes, Pro-Biotics, and Amino Acids is the first and only Ultra Premium Mix ever developed. THRIVE Mix combined daily with the THRIVE Capsules, completes a premium lifestyle, and a premium you. If the saying “not all shakes are created equal” holds true, then our ultra micronized : Premium Lifestyle Mix, is in a category all by itself. Live more, be more, experience more, THRIVE for more with THRIVE Mix.
  • Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT (30 each)
    • THRIVE Premium Lifestyle DFT™ is a technology driven breakthrough in Health, Wellness, and Weight Management. Le-Vel’s patent pending DFT™ (Derma Fusion Technology™) delivery system is a category creator, and the ­first of its kind. Our all natural formula, combined with our DFT™ delivery system, infuses the derma (skin) with a NEW THRIVE Lifestyle Formula, diff‑erent than the Capsule & Shake formula. The result is a time released delivery, and absorption rate, greatly superior to that of any consumable product. The DFT™ formula rockets the metabolic rate, promoting clean, healthy weight management, without aiding in muscle breakdown or deterioration, like a majority of weight loss products available. Individuals using the THRIVE Premium DFT™, in conjunction with THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsule™, THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix™, and the THRIVE 8 Week Experience™, will experience ultra premium results, unrivaled in regards to Nutrition, Weight Management, and Fitness.

After three people in my neighborhood touted the benefits of Thrive, I finally gave in.  One of the three appears to have been ‘Thriving’ for quite some time and is in the medical field.  Another started selling the product on Facebook following their first day of taking it.  The third (and forth if you count her wife) seemed to me to be the most viable candidate after suffering major medical issues for several years and turning to Thrive.  While she has only been on it a short time, she is certainly excited about the results thus far.  Her wife is also in the medical field and has had success with it a bit longer than she has.

My hope out of this is to have increased energy, stamina, and have the fog cleared so I become more active, am a better performer at work and home and, as a result of increased energy, have the ability to lose the excess 23 pounds I’m carrying.

My fear is jitters and an inability to sleep.  I don’t react well to sinus medication because there is something in it that makes me jittery resulting in an inability to function well or sleep.  I feel I get heart palpitations and just really get freaked out by it all.  I’ve read reviews and did come across at least one where this was the case with this program.  My plan is to lower the pill to one if this happens and if it continues cut the patch in half.

Let’s see how this goes…

Day 1 (5/21/15)

Received my first month’s supply in the mail yesterday.  Upon waking this morning I took the two capsules and applied a patch to my right lower back.  I weighed myself and set about my normal morning routine.  An hour after taking the capsules and applying the patch, I mixed the powder with milk and drank it.  I noticed that the powder turned orange in places.  Made me wonder if this is what one of my neighbors warned us about in a Facebook post:

Dear THRIVE friends…. Read carefully before choosing this for yourself

Please keep this in mind regarding Synephrine… Bitter orange (synephrine) is considered a banned substance by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). – this is a known issue and more information can be found with webmd.

But bitter orange is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken as a supplement for a medical purpose such as weight loss. Bitter orange, particularly when taken with stimulants such as caffeine or caffeine-containing herbs, increases the risk for high blood pressure, fainting, heart attack, stroke, and other severe side effects.

There are reports that bitter orange can trigger headaches, including migraine and cluster headaches, in some people.

Bitter orange can cause sensitivity to the sun. Wear sunblock outside, especially if you are light-skinned.…/ingredientmono-976-bitter%20orange.a…

Please, with your medical conditions, make sure you show your doctor the ingredients list. 😊


I checked the label for the mix and didn’t find Synephrine or Bitter Orange listed.

I will say I did not experience any of the concerns I had – jitters, inability to sleep (I did have a rough night sleep but I’ve been having those of late so this wasn’t different).  The only thing I did notice was I didn’t feel hungry much – which is good.  Otherwise, there were no changes in energy level, etc.  I figure I need to have more time of getting this in my system before I will see some of the things others are so excited about.

Day 2 (5/22/15)

Started the day with two of the Thrive W capsules and a new patch (removed the old one this morning and put a new one on my left shoulder blade).  After reading the paper and having some coffee, I drank a Premier Protein drink.  Reason for drinking Premier is simple…Thrive only provides 16 of their drink mixes.  I checked into this and found the reason to be that they assume those will be consumed Monday through Thursday with the weekend being breakfast with family.

I checked the labels on the patches and capsules and discovered that Synephrine is in the capsules.  I also discovered that the capsules and the patch contain quite a bit of caffeine.  The caffeine is probably the reason that people have complained of jitters, etc.  I drink at least two strong cups of coffee a day and the caffeine doesn’t bother me.

I did some research on Synephrine and found it comes from citrus (leaves or rinds) and is commonly found – in low concentrations – in orange juice.  It is also often used with caffeine for weight loss or energy boosts – which makes sense as to why it is in the capsules.  Articles reviewed did note that people with hypertension should avoid it as should pregnant and lactating women.

Again, I didn’t note any changes as a result of the pills or patch (other than it probably wasn’t wise putting the patch where my bra strap hits).  I found I didn’t really feel hungry much – again, this is good.

I should note I have not planned to do any diet changes during this time as one of the ladies in the neighborhood on this says she has lost about 10 pounds in the first week of use without making any diet changes.  She is, reportedly, much more active since being on the plan.  This said, I typically do a lot of snacking…usually due to boredom (and I bore easily).  I haven’t done much the last two days.  We’ll see how things progress.

My plan is to write about this daily for the first week.  After this first week, I’ll give a one week summary at the end of each week unless something significant happens.

Day 3 (5/23/15)

Started the day much the same.  Pills, patch and then drink.  The person I purchased from is reading my blog and hipped me on the instructions and potential side effects.

7 day Thrive Instructions **Before you take this product, please call this number and hear about the product you are consuming! (It is not live; it is recorded.) ** Le-Vel 24 hour call 530-881-1499 Access code: 137907# 1st day: Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach with water (you HAVE TO take on an empty stomach for it to work; I put mine on my night stand and take it before my feet hit the floor so I don’t forget!). 15 minutes (not 25; not 32; or even 20!) later apply DFT Foam (patch) on leant muscle mass (bicep, triceps, shoulder or forearm). If you experience irritation at the site, please put lotion or hydrocortisone cream. It will help! 2nd day: Do the same, but add the shake when you put on your patch. Wait 15 (FIFTEEN) minutes after taking capsule to drink Lifestyle mix (shake). ONLY mix with water! AFTER drinking the shake, immediately follow w/ another 8 OZ of water. Helps w/ absorption!!!! Apply your DFT (patch). 3rd day: Use your judgment on capsules (1 or 2). Apply your DFT Foam (patch). 4th day: All THREE STEPS and done! 5th day: Do capsules and DFT foam, NO SHAKE. 6th day: Do all 3 steps. 7th day: Do capsules and DFT foam, NO SHAKE. The shake is NOT a meal replacement if you just mix it with water. Be sure to eat as you normally would and drink LOTS of water! Half your body weight in water (in ounces). Call me if you have any questions!!! Home: (123) 456-7980 Cell: (123) 456-7890 If it feels like it’s too much at first, take off the patch and cut it in half the next day. DFT is sweat proof and you can shower with it on…JUST DON’T SCRUB IT! Remember, the first 10 days, your body is detoxing. The following are symptoms you MAY experience during detox: Skin breakouts, Bloating, Stomach pains, Headaches, Food cravings, Trouble sleeping, nightmares, Diarrhea and constipation, Fatigue, drowsiness, low energy levels, Irritability, Congestion or Mucus that feels like a cold. ***IF you DO experience these, DON’T QUIT taking the product! It’s a NORMAL reaction to your body getting rid of all the HARMFUL toxins! Call me!!!***

I’m glad she shared this with me.  It differ somewhat from the written instructions and much was left to one’s imagination (especially the fact that there are only 16 shake mixes).  While I read another person’s post that stated that the intent was to eat breakfast with your family Friday, Saturday and Sunday – my person’s every other day instruction (and that it is not a meal replacement) makes much more sense.

I also noticed a bit of itchy skin – nothing troubling – but it is good to know that this is a result of the detox.  I’ve not experienced any of the other possible side effects.

Again, not really feeling hungry though I have no trouble whatsoever eating.

Overall – so far, so good!

Day 4 (5/24/15)

Woke up this morning, took the pills and applied the patch (this time to the inner forearm).  Was a busy morning so totally forgot to do a shake (the Thrive shake and the Premier Protein shake).  Noticed that I was actually hungry today though not until after noon.  Was the first time on this program that I felt hungry.  I’m assuming the protein in the shakes is what is staving off the hunger.

I have noticed my energy level is higher.  I find I’m constantly active – gardening, walking, and cooking, whatever…it’s pretty nice.

Day 5 (5/25/15)

Woke up this morning and took the pills and applied the patch.  I didn’t take my morning vitamins but I did take the pill for my stomach (severe heartburn).  Again neglected to drink the shake (need to make sure I’m doing this).  Didn’t really feel hungry until noon.  Again, noticed an increase in energy.  Did quite a bit of housework and felt like doing anything but sit most of the day.

I’ll weigh myself in two days.  Am interested if the increased energy, coupled with the lack of feeling I need to graze all day, will result in a loss of a couple of pounds.

Overall, I feel pretty good!

Day 6 (5/26/15)

I’ve seen posts from at least one person in my neighborhood about how they are waking up earlier in the morning full of energy, etc.  Not me.  I still struggle with getting up in the morning.  Never have been a morning person and this product isn’t getting me there (not that I expected it to).

Woke up late this morning.  Took my pills, got the girl up, fed the guinea pig and then applied the patch.  After getting the girl off to school and switching loads of laundry around I attempted to drink the Thrive drink.  YUCK!  I mixed it with water as suggested by my Thrive contact (if you recall, I mixed my first drink with low fat milk – the box says to mix with either water or milk).  It was absolutely nasty!  I dumped it out and grabbed my Premier Protein.  Premier has the vitamins that other drink has (though not as much of the daily allowance) and has 30 grams of protein where the other has 15 grams (I need 90 grams per day).  I think I’ll stick with Premier and use the Thrive in smoothies (as suggested on the box).  My Premier is pre-mixed and comes in three flavors so there is a bit of variety there and I don’t have to trouble myself with lumps.

Day 7 (5/27/15)

Today is weigh in day.  After 6 full days of Thrive (not counting today because it has only just begun), I am down 3 pounds!  Remember, I’ve not changed my diet at all (aside from adding the Thrive drink twice).  I’ve eaten chips with salsa and guacamole, pasta, strawberry shortcake, ice cream cones, frozen yogurt, corn dogs, onion rings, chocolate cokes (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it) and a variety of other ‘bad’ foods.  I have had increased energy so find I’m up and about in the yard, cleaning house, taking walks – quite a bit.  I’ve also had a decrease in appetite so, while I’ve eaten all of the same stuff I normally do, I’ve not eaten as often.

From here on out I will be posting once a week for the next seven weeks about my Thrive 8-week challenge experience.  I’ll then complete a summary of my thoughts on the program.  Stay tuned…

Week’s 2 and 3 (5/28/15 – 6/12/15)

Not much has changed the past two weeks.  I’ve had a great deal of energy – which is great!  I’ve not lost any additional weight that I can tell (I ended up getting a new scale because the one I had before wasn’t consistent).

Dynelle (one of my two Thrive ‘sponsors’) gave me a recipe for non-bake protein bars.  This has been a great alternative to drinking the awful powder drink provided.  It made me realize that the powder is designed to help with normal bodily functions.

I missed – not intentionally – two days of applying the patch and ended up with a massive headache though I must add a disclaimer that during this time I was at a conference and the A/C was on really high.  The headache did eventually go away after going back to the patch for a two days.

Dynelle and Tara (my ‘sponsors’) both suggested that I try the men’s formula for the pills (as it is stronger than the women’s) and the Ultra patches.  Tara as well as a couple of others in our area have gone this route and have seen results.  Not sure if it has to do with caffeine tolerance.

I am going to finish off the next week on the current regimen and will then increase to the suggested pills and patch for the final four weeks of the challenge.

Stay tuned…

This is it…(7/8/2015)

At the advice of my ‘sponsors’ I started week 5 with the men’s formula and the ultra patches.  If you recall, the advice came because I was not seeing any results.

I’ve started this new regimen on June 22nd.  I went with the ultra patches, the men’s formula pills, the protein and added Balance – pills that are taken at night to aide in normal bio functions (I was suffering from constipation).

While the balance initially helped with the constipation at one tablet per night, I had to increase to two tablets per night after the first week.  Now, even two tablets a night don’t help.  This, coupled with my inability to sleep and still no results by way of mental clarity or weight loss, have lead me to the decision that this product simply does not work for me.  It was an expensive lesson ($160 for the first month and $175 for the second month) but could have been even more expensive to me and my family as a result of my death or dismemberment from falling asleep while driving.  Yes, you read correctly.

I feel asleep while driving home in rush hour traffic.  Fortunately as soon as the car veered, I woke up.  Not sure how much swerving I did before I woke up but thankfully it resulted in no cars immediately next to me and a wide berth behind me.

I tried everything to sleep – short of spending the extra $65 on the Rest pills recommended by Le-Vel.  I removed my patch early in the day and took one pill instead of two.  Nothing helped.  I find I’m up well past 1 a.m. and need to be up for work no later than 6 a.m.

So, as far as I’m concerned, this product gets a HUGE thumbs down from me.  It apparently has worked well for others.  I see regular posts from people who use and sell the product about how much better life is for them since Thrive.

I say try at your own risk…I have about 10 days worth of the product left if anyone wants to try it out.

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