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Video – What do you think?

I mentioned in April that I was going to take a different approach to recipes.  I think it best to tape myself cooking and then posting the video on this site.  I will type up the list of items used in the recipe in the body of the post.

What are your thoughts?  Is this something you would be interested in seeing?  I will need to invest in a camera if that is the case (used to have one but loaned it out and never got it back…this was the case with several other things…took a while for me to learn, okay?).

Below is a video I attempted using my Yoga 11e tablet.  It isn’t a complete recipe and it may be more comic relief than anything.

Seriously though…let me know if you will find recipes via video useful, helpful, and most importantly something you would watch on a regular basis.


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Cut the Cake…

July 28, 2017 – You know, if I were to have written this yesterday I would have entitled this post, “Ice Cube” or “Today Was a Good Day”.  I spent the yesterday morning tending to the front yard in the sun, painted the ‘peace’ garden sign I picked up at the Lavender Festival the week before, ran into Kris and Kole (such a cutie and a TOTAL boy!!!! reminds me so much of my boys when they were small and of many of my grandsons…going to need to get them together when they come to visit), the windshield of the Bonneville was finally replaced, Kristina came over to hang out while Vera and KeKe played in KeKe’s room, I made tacos for dinner and, YES, some bomb salsa (hot house tomatoes, sweet onions, tubed cilantro, home-grown serrano peppers and Greek seasoning).  It was a really good day.

I’m in the midst of cleaning the house.  It’s been such a nice week weather-wise I’ve not spent much time indoors so have rather neglected things.  It’s cloudy today.  I’m spending the day doing laundry, cleaning and will cook something easy but I will bake a cake from scratch (dark chocolate with orange cream cheese frosting)!  Baking is something I’ve always left to others.  It is only in the last couple of weeks that I’ve taken it up.  So far, so good – with the exception of my cakes sticking to the pan, but frosting helps put it all back together :-)).

A morning ritual of mine is to sit outside on the patio, drink coffee and watch the birds.  This morning I noticed a difference.  Typically, the males eat and the females stand guard.  There are daily fights at the three (the hummingbirds have worked out a schedule so they rarely, if ever, fight) feeders.  The males would only allow one bird per feeder.  They would not even permit their female to eat while they ate.  Today, however, there were a large number of females at each of the feeders and they were all eating.  There at least three females feeding on a feeder at the same time.  Sometimes there were four or five females to a feeder.

In today’s political climate, my immediate thought was – why aren’t we running things?  Why aren’t we President?  Why aren’t we the majority in the House and Senate?  Can we not effectively work together?  Yes, some women can be catty – but even they can work with other women (and then talk behind their back – whatever).

It’s time, ladies.  No matter your race, religion, sexual orientation – if you have a plan for the good of our people, step up!!!  Your time is now.  We need you!