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I’m baaack!

I have no excuses and a ton of excuses…fact is, I’ve been away for quite some time.  Well, I’m back!  Not only will I be sharing recipes and words of wisdom (my wisdom…take it or leave it), I will also be sharing product reviews from my personal perspective.i-am-back

For my first review, I’ll bring you into my 8-week Thrive challenge. My goal isn’t to sell you on this.  God knows how much I hate sales pitches, so I won’t be doing that.  What I will be doing is sharing my personal experience with this product over the next 8 weeks (assuming I stick with it the entire 8 weeks).  I do have concerns with this product and am trying it out to find out for myself if my concerns are valid or if what my neighbors are sharing as their experience, will be true for me.  I’m really hoping for the latter.

Stay tuned…