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Why a blog?


I initially went into this thinking I wanted to do a food blog.  I love to cook and really like trying new recipes.  Growing up I liked to watch my dad cook.  Mom didn’t really enjoy cooking then (I understood why after having kids of my own) so really only did a couple of ‘specialty’ items – tuna casserole (I’d have to leave the house because the smell alone made me sick to my stomach) and creamed tuna fish and peas on toast (I don’t know of anyone else that ever had this but I do wish all of the years later that I got the recipe from my mom – there are times when I really miss her and feel I would be closer to her if I cooked this).

After having my first child I spent a great deal of time watching his paternal grandmother and great-grandmother cook.  I think they would both be surprised to know what an inspiration they have been to me and my cooking all of these years later.

My husband, Dennis, has really helped me refine recipes.  He has an awesome sense of taste and has helped me hone the use of spices in foods.  This past year I had weight-loss surgery (gastric sleeve) and since then I have acquired the need for heat (intense spice).  Weird, I know, but it has really heightened my ability to blend spices I’ve never used before.

As a young mother (I had my first child at 17, second child at 19, and third child at 22) I hated to cook.  I viewed it as a chore.  It’s funny looking back at that knowing now I absolutely love cooking.

As I sit and start this blog, I realize it needs to be so much more than merely a food blog.  Cooking for me is an expression of love for family.  That love, coupled with the fact that I’m always asked for recipes and can never really give them because I just do it (cook) leads me to this…a blog that I hope to be my legacy to my family.

In less than 7 days I will turn 51.  At 51 I have five children (I gave birth to three) and ten grandchildren (8 boys and 2 girls).  The last year has been an interesting one – lots of changes both good and bad and while I try to find the good in everything, at least one of those changes leaves me perplexed to this day.  I’ve come to learn first hand that life is filled with unexpected twists and turns – many of which are life changing.

There will come a time when I won’t physically be near my children and grandchildren, whether because of a move to sunshine (my body and soul yearn for warmth and sunshine on a daily basis) or because my soul has moved on to be with loved ones already departed and my body returned to ash, and I want to make sure they have easy access to recipes, stories from days gone by, my favorite quotes and why they mean so much to me, and how important they are to me and how much I love them.

While this first post will land on Facebook and Twitter, I don’t know that all will.  I don’t mind sharing recipes and stories with all (especially if it could be of help to someone else), there are some things that will simply be meant for family.

Either way, I hope you enjoy it.


Author: sonjarowland

A wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and business owner who loves to cook!

2 thoughts on “Why a blog?

  1. Great first post, Sonja! Looking forward to reading many more 😄

  2. I’m grateful to call you not only a coworker, but a friend.

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